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The drive that started SocksPlus1 began in 2018. The founders continued frustration with losing socks became more troublesome as bolder designs became available. Instead of black, brown, and white socks, socks became a statement piece. The socks became an extension of a personality, just like all parts of your attire. Now the frustration became more an issue as one pair of socks became your favorite and once lost the remaining sock become a zombie in your socks drawer forever.

We created Socksplus1 to provide an option when buying unique and expensive socks. Why not order a 3rd sock we reasoned. We could preserve the manufacturer's list price and still make a good profit on each sale. The spare sock could either be stored away from the sock drawer (best option) or entered into the regular wash and dry cycle. We researched the market place and launched in the fall of 2019.

The reception has been incredible, and we want to allow others to network with us to get the concept of SocksPlus out in the market and enable our partners to enjoy the offering. Our program is very straight forward. Sign up for using the link below. We will give you 10% of each sale coming from your website. Come aboard, and let's reduce sock loss frustration together. :) Come back often as we will continue to add banners and other marketing materials for you to advertise SocksPlus1.

Program Highlights 10% commission rate Trackable promotional assets via links and embedded advertising Tracking for campaign performance and optimization Account manager, yes, someone you can talk to who cares about your success.


Focused content partners who will promote the brand in a positive light. Partners who show a track record of established and activity updating content relevant to SocksPlus1 We do not consider deals or coupons.


Apply to our program through the application link below. You'll receive an email confirmation if your application is approved. Place the links within your site content to drive traffic to SocksPlus1 and begin earning your commission.

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